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Helping to Restore the Big Sioux River

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re catching up with Friends of the Big Sioux River, where a grant from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation is supporting a new effort aimed at restoring the health of the river.

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A Nonprofit to Know: REACH Literacy

For this edition of "A Nonprofit to Know," we caught up with Paige Carda, executive director of REACH Literacy, to learn more about the organization, the needs it serves and what’s on the horizon.

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Tips for Smarter Giving: A Word for the Year

Many of us begin January with a list of resolutions for the year ahead — goals to achieve, things to do more of, and bad habits to stop. Others though, have traded resolutions for their own “Word for the Year” — one word to help bring intention, focus and clarity to their daily lives. If you haven’t yet chosen your “Word for the Year,” we have a suggestion for you.

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How Today’s Economy is Impacting Local Nonprofits

Inflation, a low unemployment rate and competitive wage wars are creating unprecedented challenges for all nonprofits, especially those who employ childcare providers, mental health counselors and health aides.

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